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    How to Use the Internet to Get Your Next Job

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    There are millions of jobs posted on job boards, corporate Web sites, and online newspapers every day, and it has been estimated that between 40 and 80 percent of employers conduct searches for job candidates online. People have been using the Internet to search for jobs for years, but only recently has it exploded into a phenomenon. Find out how you can use the Internet to your advantage in your next job search by reading this book. In this new, exhaustively researched book, you will explore the world of online job searching and consider career alternatives and options that previously were not available to you. You will learn how to conduct an effective job search by determining keywords and phrases, creating and formatting an online résumé, and performing successful online communications. You will also learn how to manage the time you spend online, how to research potential employers, and how to employ the effective strategies found within these pages. Perhaps most important is the collection of job search sites we have compiled to aid you in your job hunt. Included are the major sites, such as Monster, Yahoo! Hot Jobs, and CareerBuilder, as well as niche sites for every industry, from healthcare to administrative, from accounting to public relations. This book also lists résumé banks and online newspapers that may be helpful in your search. However, How to Use the Internet to Get Your Next Job does not stop there. You are also provided with reviews and overviews of popular job listing and recruitment sites. With this book you will learn how to harness the powerful search capabilities of the Internet to find your dream job, no matter what industry and no matter what level. The strategies presented in this book will help you conduct a timesaving, low cost, and high-impact job search that will ultimately land you a great job. Whether you are a first time online job searcher or a veteran, you will find useful tips and valuable information in this book.