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    The Complete Dictionary of Insurance Terms Explained Simply

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    Insurance words and insurance terms can be very confusing. Many people become overwhelmed when faced with insurance forms and documents. Attempting to wade through this information can be disheartening. However, The Complete Dictionary of Insurance Terms Explained Simply will help insurance agents and consumers alike in understanding and explaining insurance terms. This A to Z guide is packed with more than 2,000 complicated terms that are defined in easy to understand language. No category - health, life, automobile, homeowners, renter's, or workers compensation - is overlooked. This new, handy guide is designed to assist insurance agents and consumers by explaining these complicated and confusing terms in jargon-free language. You will not find lengthy and difficult words in the definitions - just short and easy to understand answers. In this book you will find all the answers you will ever need regarding a universe of insurance terms on hundreds of topics, such as accelerated death benefits, beneficiaries, coinsurance, dividends, earned premiums, floaters, guaranty funds, homeowners policies, incurred losses, joint and survivor annuities, key person insurance, laddering, Medicare, no-fault medical, ordinary life insurance, pre-existing conditions, qualified annuities, retrospective rating, solvency, tort reform, umbrella policies, voids, and waivers. The Complete Dictionary of Insurance Terms Explained Simply is the perfect to own and keep as your personal reference, as it contains over 2,000 insurance-specific terms. Because the terms are listed in alphabetical order, you can easily find what you need to know and begin to feel more confident when dealing with all matters of insurance.