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    The Complete Guide to Writing Effective College Applications & Essays Step-by-Step Instructions With Companion CD-ROM

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    Applying to college can be one of the most stressful times in a student's life. Not only are you faced with the task of finding the perfect school for you, but you also must fill out a lengthy application and compose a seemingly perfect essay. The essay topic is crucial, as it demonstrates your preferences, values, creativity, sense of humor, and depth of knowledge, and the writing is important because it reflects your power of persuasion, organizational skills, and style. This new book will teach you how to write effective applications and essays, thereby taking some of the weight off your shoulders. The Complete Guide to Writing Effective College Applications & Essays will provide you with all the tools you need to complete your application and write a winning essay. You will learn how to choose a topic, how to keep your focus narrow and personal, how to revise, how to handle common essay questions, how to tweak essays and use them on various applications, how to choose your tone and structure, how to avoid the common pitfalls, and how to overcome writer's block. In addition, you will learn strategies for getting started, requirements for application, and critical writing tips. This book is also full of sample essays, sample essay questions, and even examples of the essays specific colleges use. You will find those samples on the accompanying CD-ROM, along with brainstorming exercises and sample applications. We have spent hours interviewing admissions officers so that we can provide you with insider information on how to compose impressive applications and essays. Whether you are a high school freshman seeking a head start or a senior hoping to glean some last minute tips, this book is your answer