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    Your Complete Guide to Leaving An Inheritance For Your Children and Others What You Need to Know Explained Simply

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    While more than 50 percent of Americans feel it is important to leave an inheritance for their children and other beneficiaries, the majority have not yet made any plans for their estate. This new book will serve as an aid in your planning, providing you with indispensable information and the necessary tools. Whether you choose to arrange a trust or a will, you will learn how to do so, as well as how to manage and alter your plans. You will be able to choose which trust is right for you, be it living, incentive, Qualified Terminable Interest Property, charitable remainder, children's, support, family, or generation-skipping tax-exempt. You will decide which will - holographic, nuncupative, self-proving, statutory, simple, joint, living, mutual, ethical, electronic, or video - best fits your needs. Furthermore, you will learn about income only trusts, the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, 529 plans, and Coverdell accounts. In this book, you will learn tips for distributing inheritance among children and what an appropriate inheritance is, as well as about inheritance taxes, exempt beneficiaries, disinheritance, durable power of attorney, and advance health care directives. Additionally, you will learn tips for distributing inheritance among children; what an appropriate inheritance is; how to prevent fights over inherited property; how to deal with adopted children, stepchildren, and children from a second marriage; how to select trustees and guardians; how to protect your money from a financially immature child, a child's spouse, and creditors; how to divide valuables and non-cash assets; and how to deal with the family home. Your Complete Guide to Leaving an Inheritance for Your Children and Others makes this difficult process easy to understand by using simple, every day language. If you are one of the many people who want to leave an inheritance but do not know where to begin, it is time to pick up this book and start planning.