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    The iPod & iTunes Handbook The Complete Guide to the Portable Multimedia Revolution

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    Since the debut of the iPod in October 2001 and the unveiling of iTunes in April 2003, Apple has revolutionized the digital music industry. The iPod has outsold all other digital music players, comprising over 70 percent of market sales. Recently, Apple announced that it had sold its one hundred millionth iPod, which makes it the best selling digital music player of all time. Apple sells a variety of iPod models, including the shuffle and the nano. The shuffle is offered in a 1 GB format, the nano is available in 2, 4, or 8 GB, while the video iPod comes equipped with 30GB or 80GB. These tiny, musical powerhouses have the ability to hold anywhere from 240 to 20,000 songs. That is a lot of music, but what if you do not have that many songs? What else can you do with your iPod? In addition to music, you can look at photos, watch videos of your favorite TV shows or movies, play games, and listen to audio books. The iPod & iTunes Handbook also contains many tips and tricks, including how to transfer music, photos, videos, and audiobooks to your iPod and vice versa, how to make playlists, how to convert video for the iPod, how to integrate your car, how to burn a CD in iTunes, how to sync your tunes, how to add album art, how to use all the features of iTunes, how use your iPod as a hard drive, how to share your iTunes music, and much more. In addition, this book provides you with information on buying accessories and software for your iPod, such as cases, chargers, docking stations, portable speakers, earphones, cables, headsets, and car kits. Furthermore, you will discover the best places to buy accessories for your iPod and the Web sites that have the best pointers and free add-ons. Whether you have an iPod or are planning on buying one, whether you have no idea how to use your iPod or think you have mastered it all, you will learn all there is to know about iPods and iTunes by reading this book