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    The MySpace.com Handbook The Complete Guide for Members and Parents

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    MySpace.com is a free, social networking Web site that allows you to share your photos, Web logs, user profiles, e-mail, Web forums, music, and videos, and also offers you the opportunity to participate in groups. MySpace.com is the largest online social networking portal on the Web; it has more than 61 million registered users with over 21 million unique visitors. According to its number of page views, the site is the second largest destination on the Web. With a MySpace account you can speak with friends online, meet potential friends, connect with friends of other friends, keep up with family, and find lost classmates, friends, or business associates. Many parents, however, feel they have been left behind on this new technology and have legitimate concerns about their children's safety. People are not always who they say they are, and recent news stories have alerted parents to potential predators on MySpace.com. The MySpace.com Handbook provides tips, secrets, and tricks to creating and personalizing a MySpace profile and provides a complete overview of MySpace.com. Learn how to use online social networking Web sites, personalize your account, and add photos and music. Parents who are not Internet savvy will find the book useful, as it will assist them in developing discussions with their teens about MySpace. In addition, step-by-step instructions detail critical information and safety issues for parents, and parental controls are described, as well as how to prevent contact from strangers, eliminate profile invasion, avoid online sexual and criminal predators, report inappropriate content, and protect your identity. Furthermore, the issues of spyware software threats, Web monitoring services, cyber bullies, hate groups, and phishing and other Internet scams are addressed. There is also an important chapter geared toward businesses and others who may want to use the site to market products, music, books, and so on. Although this book primarily deals with MySpace, a chapter is devoted to other social networking Web sites. Whether you are a potential or current member or the concerned parent of a potential or current MySpace member, you will find a wealth of helpful advice and useful commentary and tools in this book.