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    Sell Your Home Now The Complete Guide to Overcoming Common Mistakes, Selling Faster, and Making More Money

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    Sell Your Home Now: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Common Mistakes, Selling Faster, and Making More Money Laura Riddle, a master’s-level, award-winning real estate broker, walks home sellers through everything they need to know to sell for the best price in today’s real estate market. This complete guide includes need-to-know information on: • Selling techniques for a 80 percent faster sale • Advertising to sell for 15-20 percent more • Where to list the home on the Internet to get the most exposure • Staging the home for the quickest sale • Gaining an advantage over foreclosures in your neighborhood • Common mistakes home sellers often make that could hinder your efforts Riddle guides readers through the basics of the home selling process. Readers will learn how to determine the value of their home, prepare the home to be sold, stage the home inside and out, know when the time is right to list the home, plan for showings and open houses, accept an offer, and ultimately, move to the new house of their dreams. Sell Your Home Now also includes timely information for sellers and buyers, including resources on: • Foreclosure prevention programs • FHA, USDA, and VA loan programs • Down payment assistance programs • The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Act passed in February 2009 • Loan modification options • Short sale versus foreclosure options • Selling the home “for sale by owner” Riddle has included case studies from agents and sellers around the country to provide readers with proven tips and tricks for selling a home in the quickest time possible and for the most money. This book is a must-have for any individual looking to effectively and quickly sell their home for the best price.