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    Asset Protection for Business Owners and High Income Earners How to Protect What You Own from Lawsuits and Creditors

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    Congratulations! You have worked hard for many years and have a successful business or perhaps you’re are a successful doctor, attorney, CPA or other high income producing individual. Making that money was difficult; now you have to devise a strategy for keeping it. Unfortunately, you are on the radar screen for lawsuits from other businesses, employees, partners, past marriage partners, relatives, possibly the government, and anyone else who thinks they can get at your assets. With a little knowledge and the Internet anyone can find out essentially everything about you including your home, cars, boats, real estate, bank, and investment accounts essentially everything you own. Lawsuits are rampant in this country. Statistics show there is one attorney in this country for every 300 residents; there are an estimated 150,000 people in law school as we speak. On average 80,000 lawsuits were filed in 2006 EVERY DAY. When you are sued, it is too late to protect your assets. You are exposed. Fortunately, you can act now to protect your self and family. In this easy to read and comprehensive new book, you will learn the simple steps you need to do to protect yourself now before there is a problem. We provide numbers of worksheets to help you decide the best plan of action for your financial position and personal needs. You will learn the ins and outs of protecting yourself and your family through the use of legal methods such as corporations, family limited partnerships and trusts, family saving trusts, offshore trusts corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs). You will learn how to reposition your assets into legal entities that you control, creating bullet-proof security You will learn about irrevocable living trusts, creating and maintaining LLCs, equity stripping techniques, privacy plans, durable powers of attorney, living wills, new bankruptcy legislation, estate planning for high income individuals, testamentary wills, pour-over will. The trick here is to own nothing directly but control everything, legally. Once your assets are repositioned and protected, attorneys mostly working on contingency fees are not going to sue you because they have nothing to gain, and since 98% of all lawsuits are only about the money, how can they legally take it from you? With the sound guidance in this book, you will be able to protect your hard earned assets.