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    The Responsible Serving of Alcoholic Beverages

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    This New Book & CD Rom incorporates the legalities and responsibilities of serving alcohol either behind a bar, at a table, or at an off-premise function. Alcohol sales are an important source of revenue for many establishments. However establishments may face the potential for civil and criminal liability should one of your customers become intoxicated and cause damage to themselves, others or property. Good management and employee training is the key to preventing these problems before they become an issue. The Responsible Serving of Alcoholic beverages training course provides management and liquor service staff with the knowledge and awareness necessary to responsibly serve alcohol in licensed premises. Covers: Alcohol and Legal Issues, Understanding BAC Levels, responsible serving, ID Checking, Handling difficult customers, Designated Drivers,How alcohol effects the body, identifying and handling problem situations, Minors & Fake Id's,Learn how to reduce liability lawsuits, Local Law Enforcement issues, reduce liability insurance coverage premiums, a complete and comprehensive yet inexpensive in-house training program.