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    The Real Estate Math Handbook Simplified Solutions For The Real Estate Investor

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    Smart real estate investors need to know basic real estate math and calculations. If you have made the decision to become an investor, even a part-time one, then you need this book. One great benefit of this book is you can set up these formulas into an excel spreadsheet on your own computer. You need to know for example: Is this property worth this price? What will my monthly payment be? What is my rate of return on investment? What is my projected positive cash flow? Will this rental property produce enough cash flow to pay all expenses? What will my new payoff be if I add to the principal each month? What is the projected value of this property in 10 years? When will this investment be paid back? What will this real estate option cost in real dollars today? Should I lease option or purchase? Real estate math skills are an integral part of becoming a truly successful investor. You need a competitive edge, and, by building your real estate math skills, this book will give it to you. These math skills are easily explained, and in no time you will be calculating such things as real estate investment analysis, valuation of income property, valuation of commercial real estate, vacancy loss projections, pay back period, time value of money, amortization schedule calculations, mortgage pay off, cash flow, net income/loss, option pricing, conversions, markup/discount, lease vs. buy analysis, evaluate tax sales, project income potential and cash flow, using Excel and other financial software programs, master the art of property valuation, and other financial calculations and tools.