• The Great Loop Experience- From Concept to Completion: A Practical Guide for Planning, Preparing, and Executing Your Great Loop Adventure

    The Great Loop Experience- From Concept to Completion: A Practical Guide for Planning, Preparing, and Executing Your Great Loop Adventure

    ISBN #: 9781601389404


    After almost 40 years of marriage and boating together, Captain George and Pat Hospodar completed a yearlong Great Loop odyssey aboard their boat, "Reflection".

    This trip resulted in their first book, Reflection on America's Great Loop, a personal, light-hearted, real-life account of the couple's travels while circumnavigating the waters of the United States and Canada.

    Their newest book, The Great Loop Experience - from Concept to Completion, is a comprehensive guide written to help others plan, prepare, and successfully execute their own Great Loop adventures. It also addresses the questions that these authors/lecturers are most frequently asked by future "Loopers".

    Some of the many topics covered include: Selecting and Equipping Your Boat, Choosing Your Route, Financial Considerations and Trip Costs, Managing Your Onboard Life, Vessel Security, Customs and Border Crossings, Boating Protocol, Locking Procedures, Safely Negotiating the Waterways, Open-Water Crossings, and Great Stops Along the Way.

    This how-to guide will not only inform and educate you, but also hopes to be an inspiration for all those who want to one day make this wonderful journey! The Great Loop Experience definitely has the information you will want so that you may confidently and knowledgeably cast off your lines for your own exhilarating Great Loop adventure!


    Reflection On America's Great Loop: A Baby Boomer Couple's Year-Long Boating Odyssey

    ISBN #: 9781601389015


    Adventure is not just for the young! Though I own a boat was the opening phrase to their courtship and eventual married life, little did Baby Boomer couple George and Pat Hospodar know then that those words would lead to their making a year-long journey of a lifetime aboard their boat, Reflection, almost forty years later. For their ultimate boat-lover s voyage, the Hospodars traveled around The Great Loop, a circumnavigation of the waterways of the eastern United States and Canada.

    Varying from 5,000 to 7,500 miles depending on the route taken, The Great Loop usually takes loopers a year to several years to complete. And George and Pat are not alone. According to America s Great Loop Cruisers Association, hundreds of boat owners attempt The Loop each year. If you are one of these adventurers hoping to join the ranks of successful loopers such as George and Pat, this book is for you.
    Reflection on America's Great Loop welcomes and encourages not only fellow boaters, but also armchair adventurers and dreamers of all ages to join George and Pat aboard Reflection as they share a lighthearted, real-life account of their travels on The Loop.

     In addition, for those who are considering making this journey themselves, the authors offer insights and tips on: Routes Anchorages Navigation Locking Marinas Free dockage Low bridges Fuel stops Restaurants Shopping Points of interest and local history Border crossings in Canada and the United States Local marine weather websites and phone numbers Get ready to immerse yourself in the moments and memories of the Captain and the Admiral on their unforgettable trip through North America s waterways.


    Marinas The Complete Guide for Marina Selection, Storm Awareness and Living Comfortably Aboard Your Yacht

    ISBN #: 9781620230879


    Ph.D. Oceanographer Scott McDowell's comprehensive guidebook is written for new boaters as well as those selecting a home port for their live-aboard retirement. The book is filled with practical tips including how to approach Marina Management, selecting the best type of slip for easy docking and dinghy storage, assessing amenities, interpreting vessel insurance policies and more. Also covered are key ocean processes such as tides, storm surge, tsunamis and lightening to maximize safety for the boat owner and vessel. Dr. McDowell educates by example with a bit of humor and sea salt sprinkled in. For the computer savvy boater, websites are given for the best weather and storm forecasts, as well as tides.