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    Practical Advice on How Being an Author Can Help You and Your Business! 

    The goal of every professional and business owner is for their business or practice to be successful and profitable. One way to help achieve this is to write a book, not only to share your knowledge but also to promote yourself. Publishing a book only enhances other marketing tools that you may have in its place, but as with any endeavor, there are also factors to consider as you undertake writing and publishing a book.


    As an expert in your field, you know how to deliver the best service to your clients. However, you may not be able to spend as much one-on-one time with every person as you would like. Your book can help illustrate the wide spectrum of products and services you offer, especially if they are cutting-edge. People look for a trusted professional and a book on your expertise establishes you as an expert and gives additional credibility to your practice or business. You can potentially become an authority in your field and earn more trust from your clients.


    As a networking tool, books are very beneficial. When attending networking events, potential clients often want to know what you do, and what products and services you offer. Your book works like a business card that shows what makes you and your practice stand out from the rest. Your book gives you more exposure.


    In many cases, professionals who have authored a book found that new speaking opportunities increased. Speaking opportunities increase awareness of your practice, service or treatment options.


    Your book provides the opportunity to advertise your practice and present your work in a cognizant light. Every time someone reads, reviews or talks about your book, you receive increase awareness of your practice, business, and other services you offer. Publishing a book also creates opportunities for new clients to learn about you. Books that offer useful and meaningful content or cutting-edge theories often result in new products. Webinars, workbooks and other electronic products can be the profitable aftermath of a published book.